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QPSR = High performance property management service

We are an Industry Expert in this field.

There are three points worth mentioning,

  1. We care about you as a person, we care about your property performing to its maximum, which is the only way it should be.
  2. We are passionate about property and we have real pride in what we achieve for our property owners, be they Landlords or Sellers.
  3. We give advice that suits you (the most important person in the process), not advice that suits us the real estate agent. When you do the right thing by people, it is firstly the right thing to do and secondly we believe in word of mouth advertising - people will tell their friends and colleagues that we care which helps our business prosper.

We are here to add value to our landlords (not just collect rent), if we are not adding value, why would you use our services?

We focus on four major understandings.

  1. We are here to maximise rents (your property is an investment property, it should at all times be performing at its highest). This also means more money in your pocket, I hope you are happy with this.
  2. We are here to minimise vacancy, obviously this is crucial to the amount of money in your pocket. We are very proactive with regards to both 1. & 2., I did mention this is a high performance vehicle for you. The above points mean systems with processes (including timing of processes) that ensure this is achieved.
  3. We are here to protect you the owner and the property as an investment. This is on many fronts; the value of the investment (as assessed by the Market, Banks or Valuers), maintenance, compliance and liability with the B.C.C. & on the insurance front. This point is very important, as it allows you piece of mind and importantly an investment that works for you, not against you.
  4. The property belongs to you not us, what does this mean? We understand the gravity of the decisions you need to make. Therefore as your agent, we must keep you informed at the appropriate times, so you have the information to make those decisions. We never want the scenario, that you need to ring us to find out what is happening with your property because you haven't been keep up to date. As I mentioned this property belongs to you, not us.

There are no short cuts to ensuring that you have a property that is really performing. Short cuts cost either you or us money, we are not interested in either.

We do not waste time or resources on adding bells and whistles. If our efforts/processes do not add to the value of your property or protect you or your asset, we simply don't do it.

Our processes are purposefully refined, they require an attitude of not lowering our standards. We are always looking for opportunities to raise our standards, this is a constant and on purpose process in its own right .

We find our Clients meaning Owners, Landlords and Customers (tenants and buyers) get greater value in the transaction, this is of benefit for all.

We believe this highlights how we approach property, we are a team, and we are here to manage your asset so you receive the best possible performance out of your property.

We are interested in your business, however more importantly we are interested in you and your property/s achieving exceptional results.