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House Rules for Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation House Rules

** Please note these are General House Rules. Further rules pertaining to your property are erected in the common areas.

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  • Residents must not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort, privacy of other residents.
  • Residents must keep noise to a minimum in consideration of other residents.
  • Illegal substances will not be tolerated and offenders will be reported to the police.
  • Residents must maintain a reasonable standard of dress in consideration of other residents.
  • Residents are not permitted to affix any items to any walls i.e, blu-tak, sticky tape etc.
  • Residents must keep their TV's & Radios at an acceptable level as not to disturb other residents or to create noise pollution.
  • Drunk/Disorderly behaviour is unacceptable & will be immediately reported to the authorities.
  • All repairs and maintenance within the common areas or your room must be reported to QPSR REALTY as soon as noticed, via email or fax.
  • AT NO TIME are residents permitted to become abusive, verbally or physically, with any other resident in order to resolve disputes. Disputes must be reports to QPSR REALTY who will attempt resolution between all residents involved before passing it on to the relevant authorities.
  • Residents are responsible for the smoke alarms in their rooms. You may not tamper with, touch or remove batteries or any other part of the smoke alarm. If your neglect results in Fire services attending the property due to a false alarm, you will be made to pay the bill.
  • Bathroom must be left free of excess water on the floor or vanity areas.
  • All tenants must ensure all lights and fans are turned off when not in use or if you are not home.
  • All furniture and inclusions must remain as they are and not removed at any time.


  • Short stay visitors are welcome at any time however, this property is not a private home and overnight guests are not permitted. Visitors must leave the property by 10pm.
  • Residents must ensure their guests are aware of the house rules for these premises and they do not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of other residents.
  • Visitors are prohibited from entering the rooms of residents other than their host and residents are responsible for the conduct of their visitors including payment for any damage or breakage that may occur.
  • Residents must ensure their guests leave common areas clean and tidy after using them.


  • No animals to be kept on the premises AT ANY TIME!!


  • Residents who lose their room key will be charged a replacement fee of $50.00 per key.
  • If you are locked out, you may collect a key from our office (a $50 cash deposit must be left to be refunded if the key is returned the same day) or a staff member can attend for a $100 non-negotiable call out fee. Residents must not tamper with/change any lock in the premises
  • Residents must not make copies of keys without written permission from QPSR REALTY.
  • Resident must not give their room key to visitors to use.


  • Smoking, burning candles, oil burners, incense burners, bar/oil heaters etc are prohibited at all times. Tenants may smoke outside ONLY; SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in the building at all times. This includes your room and the internal common areas. This rule exists for the comfort and safety of all residents and is a legal requirement in QLD.
  • Smoking is prohibited within 4 (four) metres from any entry door, window or air-conditioning unit
  • Smoking is only permitted outside and you must ensure ALL entry doors are closed.
  • DO NOT leave cigarette butts lying around or in containers anywhere on the property.


  • Residents are responsible for cleaning their rooms and keeping the common areas tidy.
  • All kitchen appliances and work surfaces and benches should be cleaned after use.
  • Residents must leave common area neat, clean and tidy after using them.
  • Common areas in these property include:
  • A cleaner (if applicable for your property) will clean the common areas only.
  • The cleaner (if applicable for your property) will not pick up after you or wash your dishes.
  • The cleaner (if applicable for your property) is here to help maintain the property.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the property's cleanliness.
  • you have carpet in your bedroom you will be required to have it professionally cleaned upon vacating and provide a receipt.>
  • Personal items such as suitcases and bicycles must not be left in the common areas at any time. Cleaners have been instructed to remove any items from the common areas if left by tenants.


1. Two weeks' notice is required in writing to vacate your room. YOU MUST SUBMIT A FORM R13.

2. When vacating, the following items must be attended to:

  • Remove all rubbish and belongings
  • Remove unwanted food items from cupboards and fridge
  • All furniture and fixtures must be accounted for
  • Have your room professionally cleaned (including mattress protector) & carpets steam cleaned
  • Take your keys & receipts for cleaning to QPSR REALTY office with forwarding details


  • Rent must be paid via the allocated methods in this pack.
  • Tenants must use the reference given to them at the time of signing tenancy agreement.


  • Any breach of the House Rules or special conditions in your lease agreement, will result in you receiving a Form R11 (Notice to Remedy Breach). Should you not co-operate with this notice or continue with a breach, you will be issued with a Form R12 (Notice to Leave) and you will be evicted from the property.
  • Your rent must be paid well before the due date at all times. Failure to comply with this may result in you being evicted from the property. If you have money coming from overseas or elsewhere, ensure it is here well before your due date, no excuses will be accepted.


ALL OTHER CONTACT: 07 3113 3939

Information for Renting with QPSR REALTY

Student Accommodation


ALL non-urgent repairs and maintenance must be reported in writing to our office via email to fax to 3172 7176. You have been given some maintenance request sheets in your sign up pack. Please note, if we organise a repair that has been caused directly because of tenant negligence this cost will be forwarded to you i.e toilets requiring a plumber because of toilet paper or children's toys blockages, electrician's repairs caused by tenant faulty appliances etc. Verbal maintenance requests for non-urgent repairs WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED at anytime

If you have an emergency situation after office operating hours, your process is:

1. Contact the Office FIRST - 07 3113 3939

2. Contact Your Property Managers Emergency Mobile - 0409 591 421

3. If you cannot reach QPSR REALTY you can call:

Neil T Fallon (Electrical & Plumbing) - 3846 3666 (diverts to a mobile)

4. If you cannot get a hold of the emergency number, contact any other qualified professional that you know or use the yellow pages.

NOTE: Electrical emergencies can include an electrical fault/loss of power. It is important when losing power, to make sure that one of your appliances has not caused a problem or check there is not a blackout in your area contact Energex on 13 62 62

If you arrange repairs AFTER HOURS that are not emergency you may have to pay the bill. All other non - emergency repairs must be reported to QPSR REALTY as soon as possible.

Paying Your Rent:

Your rent must be paid every 2 (two) weeks in advance. On the 3rd day your rent is late you will be issued with a Form R11 - Notice to Remedy Breach for Rent Arrears, this allows you 5(five) days to pay all outstanding rent. The morning after this breach expires you will be issued with a Form R12 - Notice to Leave giving you 5 (five) days to vacate the premises. If rent is not paid by 4.30PM on the day that breach expires we will attend the property with a Locksmith to change your locks & ALL personal items will be removed from your room. Should you still be in the property, the police may be called to attend and physically remove you from the property. If there are outstanding costs you will be listed on TICA, an International Tenancy Default Database (blacklisted).


3 days in Arrears = Breach Notice

10 days in Arrears = Eviction Notice

15 days in Arrears = Locks Changed

Breaking The Lease:

Signing your lease is a legally binding document. Should you need to vacate earlier, your break lease procedure is:

1. Inform QPSR REALTY in Writing of via Notice of Intention to Leave (Form R13).

2. Tenant must continue to pay rent until the day a new tenant moves in

3. $100 fee for internet marketing (property will not be listed until paid). 

4. Tenants must make the property and themselves available to show prospective tenants at reasonable times and when the Agent cannot.

5. Normal vacating procedure to occur i.e steam clean carpets etc

6. Tenant is charged a fee of 1 (one) weeks rent + GST

7. Final Vacate Inspection will be conducted as normal 

NOTE: Bond will not be refunded until ALL Rent is paid, Keys are returned, Break lease fee is paid and the property has been left in the same condition as per Entry Condition Report.

Keys/Lost & Lock Outs:

You cannot at any time tamper with or change any locks in your premises or make any copies of any keys without written permission from QPSR REALTY.

Residents who lose their keys will be charged:

  • A $15 per key replacement charge, to be paid in full in cash before keys will be handed out.
  • Any registered or restricted keys will need to be ordered in and carry a $50 replacement fee.
  • If you lock yourself out during office hours you can collect and use the office set* for a $50 cash deposit. Keys MUST be returned the same day and the deposit will be refunded.
  • Should you require a staff member to attend to assist you, this incurs a $100 attendance fee (with a staff member attending when and if only they are able to).
  • If you lock yourself out AFTER HOURS there is a $200 emergency call out.

NB - All fees to be paid in cash prior to unlock, if you do not have payment, a staff member WILL NOT ATTEND. *There is no legal requirement for QPSR REALTY to carry spare keys to your property and we do not carry extra set for all our properties. Organising entry is always your own responsibility.

Entry Condition Report (Form R1):

Upon signing your tenancy agreement, you were given an original copy of your Entry Condition Report. This must be completed and the original returned to our office within 3 (three) business days of your lease start date.